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About us and jelly sweets

    Our business was born from love to the amazing jelly sweet. We produce it taking carefully selected ingredients. We don't use artificial colours, preservatives or gelatine.  Mostly we use natural juices or purees - and these products are vegan and gluten free,

   Jelly sweets (in some countries called Marmelade) was born in the East. Europeans found this sweet during Crusades. But only after they started to import cheap american sugar, they could make jelly sweets from apple and quince fruit.  In Portuguese "marmelade" means quince jam, in French - dish, which has apple colour. Europeans didn't manage to produce jelly sweets from another fruit as they didn't know, that apples and quince have pectin inside. Pectin is a healthy and important agent for human organism. It can affect metabolism, blood circulation, intenstine condition, decrease cholesterol level. Jelly sweet can be made with agar as well. Agar is made from sea weed and has calcium, iodine, iron and other minerals. Agar can be detoxing and liver saving agent. Part of our jelly sweets is made with natural juices or purees and dried berries, carrot, citric fibres.


Jelly sweets with juices and purees

We produce 10 types sweets with juices and purees

  1.   RASPBERRY with dried lingonberry

  2.   CHERRY with dried lingonberry

  3.   STRAWBERRY with dried lingonberry

  4.   CRANBERRY with dried lingonberry

  5.   POMEGRANATE with dried lingonberry

  6.   BLACKCURRANT with dried blackcurrant

  7.   CARROT-APPLE with dried carrot

  8.   ORANGE

  9.   QUINCE

  10.   GINGER







Jelly sweet gifts

         We produce jelly gifts for You or Your business party. We can make sweet with Your logo or words you want. We try to find individual decision for our clients.

Christmas miracles

Easter Joy


Secrets of Saint Valentine

Happiness of Makinf Gifts

Business Gifts

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Our contacts

Your opinion is worth for us. We are open for any ideas or thoughts. Contact with us!


                                          Mobile phone: +370 655 35 084


                                                   Our FB : ChB Jelly House

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